Breaking Ground EU

Breaking Ground EU

On Friday, June 7 Breaking Ground will present their last programme of this season in EYE, Amsterdam. We will end the season with a selection of four of the best European student films worth watching. The focus this time is:

City Life - Travelling through the structures of the concrete jungle.

The four revolving around this thema are:

1. Good Night by Muriel D'Ansembourg is an intimate portrait of two 14-year-old girls on a night out in London where their childhood innocence is threatened by an awakening sexuality.

2. Washed Ashore by Jonas Ott is a short animation about a castaway who finds himself washed ashore a beach at the foot of a towering city.

3. A twist in the Fabric of Space by Morgan Knibbe is made with documentary footage that mixes up the real and virtual world.

And the winner of our Breaking Shorts competition at this year's Go Short Int. Short Film Festival 2013:

4. Endless Day by Anna Frances Ewert is another experimental documentary showing an insomniac's inner journey through a sleepless night.

Together with special film guests this evening will bring you a unique introduction into the world of young filmmaking and what the future of filmmaking in general holds. The professional guests will give you tips and will reveal all the tricks needed for a career in film. The young filmmakers will dive into a short discussion about their film on why and how and guests will be able to ask all sorts of questions.

Keep the date free, we hope to see you at our last screening of the season 2012/2013 and afterwards toast to a good finale!

Tickets are available via

And if you like to read more about the selected films, visit their pages by clicking on the links or on the images below!

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