Breaking Ground @ Kriterion

Breaking Ground @ Kriterion

We're kicking off 2016 with one of our spectacular trade-mark screenings in Kriterion. Four dazzling student short films will put us all on travelling mode by showing their own take on being 'on the road'.

Just as usual, we'll be bringing you award-winning shorts belongig to a variety of genres such as documentary, fiction and animation. These beauties have so far had a spectacular festival life and we're more than pleased to be able to show-case them to Kriterion's regulars.  


The Baby by Ali Asgari (Italy)
Beren op de Weg by Nadia Meezen (Netherlands)
Roadtrip by Xaver Xylophon (Germany)
Volando Voy by Isabel Lamberti (Netherlands)

Films Shown

Director: Nadia Meezen
Year of production 2014
Genre animation
Length 5'

beren op de weg

The film is about Theo, who enjoys nothing more than driving around in his little yellow car. After a car crash, caused by a bear, he wants to get back to his old life, but his growing fear for the outside world stands in his way.

Shown at

Feb 2015 BG at Stukafest
January 21 2016 Breaking Ground @ Kriterion


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